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Taste the Range! 1L


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Indecisive about which cocktails to explore? Look no further than this exceptional box set, offering not only irresistible prices but also the opportunity to savour an impressive variety of flavours. Rest assured, once you experience the sheer delight of each concoction, you won’t be able to resist falling head over heels for them all!

Pack includes: 
Cosmopolitan, 100ml x1
Cuban Negroni, 100ml x1
Daiquiri, 100ml x1
Espresso Martini, 100ml x1
Gin Proved, 100ml x1
Manhattan, 100ml x1
Old Fashioned, 100ml x1
Tommy’s Margarita, 100ml x1
Dry Martini, 100ml x1
Tea Sour, 100ml x1