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Mortlach 13YO – The Moonlit Beast


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Nose: Salty air mixed with a little creme de cacao reminds me of sea salt chocolate chunk cookies. Menthol or spearmint comes through in the middle with baby powder and jasmine. Overall, the whisky reminds me of Orange flower water because it is slightly fruity and delicate. Just a touch of campfire lingers in the background. When opened with a few drops of water, spun sugar and bubblegum appear.

Palate: Where the nose is light in smoke, smoke is bolder on the palate. The mouthfeel is sooty, and it is a bit hot even with water. The dram is sweet like the burnt sugar crust on crème brûlée. Grapefruit peel and honey meet in the middle. The finish is peppery with oak lasting on the breath.
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