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Macchie S. Maria Greco Di Tufo Triarii Docg 75cl


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Triarii’ were legendary soldiers in the Roman militia, and here the term chosen by Winemaker Oreste De Santis to describe this legendary, ancient varietal white. Oreste has crafted this wine from 100% Greco grapes from 15-20 year old vineyards near the villages of Santa Paolina and Montefusco . The wine shows light yellow hues in the glass, delivers aromas of tree fruits to the nose, then softly lands on the palate with hints of almonds and fresh fruits. The light acidity gives it a finish that is crisp, long and round in the mouth with a hint of ‘minerality’. Drink now.

Serve With:Enjoy this wine with grilled fish, mussels, and grilled vegetables.