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Barone Ricasoli Chianti, 750ml


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Located in Brolio, the Barone Ricasoli Wine Estate is located across 240 hectares that have witnessed the planting of vines since 1141. That’s over a 1000-year wine-producing history that we are talking about! Today, if you want to taste the rich and authentic Tuscany Chinati Classico wines in their purest forms, you have to drink the wines created at Barone Ricasoli. Brolio, found in the Chianti area Classic, is known for its strategic location, climate, diverse soil qualities and rich terroirs. You might be surprised to know that this region contains over 19 different soil qualities.  These soil types are categorised into five unique areas that are geologically far different from each other.

serve with : classic Tuscan dishes such as wild boar ragu, grilled steak and stewed white beans.